Rampage Music Awards pg 2

Best Rock Performance

Tommy Sistak

The Papa Joe DeMaio Show

Moving Lines

Hey Jay!

Abz K (Syncromental)

Kick The Wicked


Fading Echoes

Dash Holmes

Darren Holmes

Ameri Shaye

Erin Elizabeth Barker

Penni Jo

Thunder Wheel

Frequency Within

Best Christian Solo Performance

Tammy Castleberry

Mike Fitzpatrick

Lisa Marie Nicole

Keith Brooks

Dawn Karima


Penni Jo

Zemira Israel 

Deby Kelley

Best Rock Album

Through Love And War- The Papa Joe DeMaio Show

Property Of No One- Abz K (Syncromental)

Drag Magnet- Kick The Wicked

Buildings, Roads + Minds- Bamil

The Adventures of Badass Jane- The L & M Project Band

Into the Light- Darren Holmes

Changes- Erin Elizabeth Barker

Another Train To London- Thunder Wheel

Best Christian Album

Since The Beginning- Mike Fitzpatrick

Deep Thoughts- Keith Brooks

Best Rock Song

A Little Faith In Me- Tommy Sistak

Accidental Intoxication- The Papa Joe DeMaio Show

Inside My Head- Moving Lines

City Lights- Moving Lines

Hit The Road- Moving Lines

Don't Wake Me Up- Moving Lines

Gentle Secrets- Hey Jay!

Fell In Love At The Festival-Abz K (Syncromental)

Toxic Logic- Abz K (Syncromental)

Blinded By The Lie- Kick The Wicked

Mr Know It All- Kick The Wicked

The Journey- Kick The Wicked

Don't Wake Me Up- Hey Jay!

Letter Of Love- Bamil

The Ocean- Fading Echoes

Monkey on my back- The L&M Project Band

Voltage- Ameri Shaye

Different Colored Trees- Penni Jo

All I Want Is You- Thunder Wheel & Joe Sattler

The Ghost We Carry- Frequency Within

Best Metal Performance

Combatant- Excis

Spit It Out- Kick The Wicked

Best Christian Song

Hear Me- Tammy Castleberry

The Fruits- Mike Fitzpatrick

Just Believe- Lisa Marie Nicole.

I Wonder Why I Waited So long- Keith Brooks

The Final Call- Keith Brooks

What If- Keith Brooks

Life At The End- Keith Brooks

Rapture Me-  Allison Aldrich and Maurice McDavid. 

God On The Mountain- Dawn Karima

Pray And Say Amen- Lisa Marie Nicole

Man Of Peace- Bamil

Easy and Light- Penni Jo

Blinded- Penni Jo

Cover’d Girlz - Zemira Israel 

Remember- Zemira Israel

Therefore I Know-  Sarah Téibo, Luke Wareham and Rachel Walker Mason 

Sing Momma Sing- Deby Kelley

Best Alternative song

So Lonely(cover)- Abz K (Syncromental)

Free Me- Kick The Wicked

Aaron's Song- Fading Echoes

We Are All Connected- Dash Holmes

Level Up- Erin Elizabeth Barker

Where Do We Go From Here- Thunder Wheel

Best Christian Duo/Group Performance

 Allison Aldrich and Maurice McDavid. 

 Sarah Téibo, Luke Wareham and Rachel Walker Mason