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Best Rock Album

Side Road Rock- Keith Brooks

License To Love- Bamil

A Tribute To Linda Ronstadt- Sandemonium 

Peachy Keen- Eyes Of Red

Best Rock Song

It Must Be Love- Keith Brooks

Fond Fond Memories= Keith Brooks

Hamster Wheel- Gino Joubert 

License To Love= Bamil

Stop Quality- Bria

That Muscle Shoals Sound- Rick Revel

Love Is An Island- Neil Marsdon

Paradise By the Dashboard Light- Kick The Wicked

Take Me Along- Tommy Sistak

I Ain't Got That Right- Ricky Davis

Ride The Fire- Kelvin J. Wood

Best Rock Performance



Keith Brooks

Gino Joubert 

Rick Revel

Neil Marsdon

Kick The Wicked


Ricky Davis

Tommy Sistak

Best Metal Song

Jet Black Heart- Storm

Headliner- Anxiety Suite

Forever Blind- 3rd Street Chaos

Alive And Paralyzed- 3rd Street Chaos

Best Metal Performance


Anxiety Suite

3rd Street Chaos

Best Christian Album

Beyond blessed- Lisa Marie Nicole

Musical Windwalker- Caruso

Best Christian Song

I Heard The Angels Sing- Keith Spinney & Lisa Marie Nicole

You Are The Love- Lisa Marie Nicole

 Presence- Entertaining Angels

My Beloved- P.E.A

Give Me Jesus= Caruso

A Child Came - Dolly Dunn 

It's Not Over- Zandra Arnold 

Best Christian Duo/
Group Performance

Keith Spinney & Lisa Marie Nicole

Entertaining Angels

Best Christian Male Vocal



Christian Female Vocal

Lisa Marie Nicole

Dolly Dunn

Zandra Arnold

Best Alternative song

Burn- Keith Spinney

Anime Baby- BrandiWyne

Love's A Crying Shame- Eyes of Red

Gotta Get Out- Trevor Renteria

Down The Rabbit Hole- Ricky Davis

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