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Best Country Male Vocal

Aaron Hymes

Keith Brooks


Levi Colby

Travis Pickering

Terry Dan

Steve Aliment

Kelvin J. Wood

Chad Lodge

Country Female Vocal

Demi Michelle

Alyssa Ruffin

Dawn Rix

Dolly Dunn

Carol Stevens

Best Country Album  

Side Road Country- Keith Books

Rags 2 Rhinestones- Dolly Dunn

Heart N Soul ( A Collection Of Duets )- Dolly Dunn

Long Way To Go- Steve Aliment 

IF I Had A Million- Terry Dan

A‘ea‘e-  A‘ea‘e

Best Country Song 

I Really Had Some Fun- Keith Brooks

Be Alright- Aaron Hymes

The Ballad Of Stan Mills (The Nature Man)= Bamil

If I Die Young- Demi Michelle

First Touch - Alyssa Ruffin

The Lucky One- Levi Colby

World's Collide- Dawn Rix

All That Matters-Dimitris Nezis & Dawn Rix

Where Did Our Country Music Go- Dolly Dunn 

Magnolia Wind - Dolly Dunn  /Featuring Wolfe Milestone

Staying Together, Dolly Dunn  /Featuring Geordie Roberts

Roosevelt Dime- Steve Aliment & Annie O’Neill.

Hank Made Country Music- Travis Pickering

California- Steve Aliment & Annie O'Neil

Appalachian Sunrise- Terry Dan

Can't Feel The Bottom Yet- Steve Aliment

When The Ocean Sleeps-  A‘ea‘e

No Surrender- Carol Stevens

Tommy's Rock & Roll Band- Kelvin J. Wood

Dancin In The Kitchen- Chad Lodge

Best Country Duo/Group Performance

Dimitris Nezis & Dawn Rix

Magnolia Wind - Dolly Dunn  /Featuring Wolfe Milestone

Staying Together, Dolly Dunn  /Featuring Geordie Roberts

Steve Aliment and Annie O’Neill.


Best Pop Male Vocal


Neil Marsdon


Brian English

Dimitris Nezis

Terry Dan

James Reid

Tommy Sistak

Best Pop Female Vocal


Strange World Music

Alyssa Ruffin

Clare Mccartney

Dolly Dunn

Ameri Shaye

Best Pop Album

Pretty Boy Blues- Alyssa Ruffin

A Tribute To Linda Ronstadt- Sandemonium

Best Pop Song

Broken Angel- Keith Spinney, Jon K.T & Erin Elizabeth Barker

Anime Baby- BrandiWyne

Once In A Lifetime- Bamil

I’m On Fire- Strange World Music

Love Triangle - Alyssa Ruffin

Hello Hello- Neil Marsdon

You're My Blues- Caruso

Happy In My Skin- Clare Mccartney

Free Spirit- Clare Mccartney

Wasted Time- Brian English

All That Matters-Dimitris Nezis & Dawn Rix

Poison- Dimitris Nezis

Stronger Love- Nikita

Sittin On The Dock Of The Bay- Terry Dan

Silly Games- James Reid

Take Me Along- Tommy Sistak

From The Outside- Ameri Shaye

Best Pop Duo/Band Performance

Keith Spinney, Erin Elizabeth Barker & Jon K.T

Strange World Music


Dimitris Nezis & Dawn Rix

Dolly Dunn & Rex LeDrew

Hip Hop/Rap

Non Stop- Jay-D

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