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Country  Vocal Performance
Travis Reigh
Steve Pointmeier
Dawn Rix

Amy Rowbottom

Best Country Album  

Best Pop Vocal Performance
Trevor Renteria
Demi Michelle
Lisa Richard
Lisa Marie Nicole
Amy Rowbottom
Terry Draper
Best Pop Album
The Light- Derek Woods Band
In The Beginning- Terry Draper

Best Country Song 

 Laymantown Road- Travis Reigh
Waiting On A Train- Steve Pointmeier
Mama, I love You- Lisa Marie Nicole
Bent Not Broken- Dawn Rix
Memphis- Any Rowbottom
Tennessee- Amy Rowbottom
One Size Boots- Amy Rowbottom
Dirty Water- Engage
Best Pop Song
Always Been You- Trevor Renteria
If You Could Read My Mind- Lisa Richard
Passive Aggressive- Demi Michelle
Kind Heart- Demi Michelle
The Light- Derek Woods Band
Thank You For Being Here- Derek Woods Band
I Don't Know How To Love Him- Lisa Marie Nicole

Memory Lane- Terry Draper
Iluminator- Amy Rowbottom
Written In Wine- Amy Rowbottom
Love Blind- Amy Rowbottom
United We Stand- Lisa Marie Nicole

Best Country Duo/Group Performance

Best Pop Duo/Band Performance
Derek Woods Band
Soul/RnB/Blues/Hip Hop/Rap

Love Blind- Amy Rowbottom

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