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Rampage Music Awards pg 3

Best Blues Song

The Father of the Blues- Rick Revel

Pretty Boy Blues- Alyssa Ruffin

Five Minute Smoke Break- Amy Jo

Album Of The Year

License To Love- Bamil

A Tribute To Linda Ronstadt- Sandemonium 

Movin On- Anthony Caruso

Love Befoe Lies- Lady Miranda

Against A Broken Light- Keith Spinney

Best Folk Album

Everyday Legends- Linda Marks

A‘ea‘e-  A‘ea‘e

Best Folk Song
Song Of The Year
(awarded to the songwrtiers)

Broken Angel- Keith Spinney
Wasted Time- Brian English
Silly Games- James Reid
Game Of Love- Lady Miranda

Five Minute Smoke Break- Amy Jo

My Beloved- P.E.A

Fantasy-Demi Michelle

Our Childrens Prayer- Linda Marks

Windows And Doors- Linda Marks

Best Acoutic/Singer-Songwriter Song

Angels & Demons- Chris Mardula

My Beloved- P.E.A.

Fantasy- Demi Michelle

Best Cover Song

Sleeping On The Blacktop- Caruso

Paradise By The Dashboard Light- Kick The Wicked

Sweet Thing- Stacie Ku'ulei

Hurt So Bad- Sandemonium

Sittin On The Dock Of The Bay- Terry Dan

Single Of The Year

Broken Angels- Keith Spinney, Erin Elizabeth Barker, Jon K.T

Where Did Our Country Music Go- Dolly Dunn

Game Of Love- Lady Miranda

Five Minute Smoke Break- Amy Jo

Texas and Tennessee- Andrew Dean

 Video Of The Year

Be Alright- Aaron Hymes

Presence - Entertaining Angels

Swamp Water- Amy Jo

Anime Baby- BrandiWyne

All Together- Terry Draper

Best Instrumental Album
Best New Artist

Jammin- Bamil

Caruso an Instrumental Journey- Caruso

Best Instrumental Song

Demi Michelle

Alyssa Ruffin

Brian English

Lady Miranda

Dreamer Queen

Beyond The Frontier- Bamil

Shadows On The Wall- Keith Spinney

I'll Unbreak Your Heart- Caruso

Best Americana Album

Category Eliminated

Best Americana Song

Category Eliminated

Best Holiday Song

Christmas Without You-  Eyes Of Red

The Wish- Brad Simmonds

My Beloved- P.E.A.

Memories of Christmas- Deborah Fennella & Mark Busell

Producer Of The Year(awarded only to album producers)

Gerard K. Gonsalves

Caruso and John Zych

Steve Aliment

Jon K.T 

Terry Draper

Best Engineered Album

License To Love- Bamil: Engineered by Bamil

A Tribute To Linda Ronstadt- Sandemonium: Engineer(s): Gerard K. Gonsalves & Jimmy Caterine

Movin On-- Caruso: Engineered by Anthony Caruso and John Zych

Against A Broken Light- Keith Spinney: Engineered by Jon K.T

Bread & Cirkus- Terry Draper: Engineered by Terry Draper

Radio Station/Dj/Interviewer

Kevin J Mann/UKI Radio

James Finch

Entertainer Of The Year

Alyssa Ruffin

Dawn Rix

Travis Pickering


Andrew Dean

Manager/Promoter/Agent Of The Year

Jayne Knight

Gary Knight

Angie O'Brien

Randy Hayford

Deborah Fennella 

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